Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WhatsApp Whats Up - Well facebook Own It For A Start People...

So since January 2010 anyone has been able to read messages, see videos, images and listen  to your calls as they travel from device to device???  an insecure messenger networks been legally running for 6+ Years?

But lets add more often unknown depth to that... Facebook Bought whatsapp in February 2014 and today comes this update that admits for the last 6 years people could access everything you do?....   How longs this encryption be tested for?

Is it really funny?
You trust Facebook with your email, you invite friends giving FB all your contacts email addresses
       (but you wont give them your own mobile number....)
You trust whatsApp with your Phone number & all your friends phone numbers
    (but you wont give them your own email address)

And yet.. Facebook own Both apps.......
between TWO licence agreements.. TWO lots of terms and conditions....
     you give one main company everything...

One thing i no more than anything is speed & power & an every day lack of it, so to which.. Give a child a 64bit CPU and 64bit architecture OS, it'll tear the a$$ off anyone using 32bit in half the normal time it would (and as most cant afford likes of 64bit gear, they run 32 bit apps) their sh*ts encrypted at 32bit, x64 isn't just longer better encryption (its faster calculations to fk over lower encryptions) iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S is no longer safe, due to an RSS feed.. something Millions have never Personally used, yet their it is whether u want it or not : /

Laptops and Computers still seam to have a Longer life span than a Phone or Tablet... to think Microsoft Windows of all things.. less secure in unenlightened hands, but the hardware's supported Far far Longer than something costing twice to three times the price...

Think you know what your doing.. Tech savi are you?  have a read of this here about facebook messenger. Because it doesn't matter how good you are because your not in control of the systems your depending on inbetween your actions.

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  1. People are so stupid they don't read up on anything at all. Remember when iOS 8 came out and supported Finger Print unlocking but only for the 5S and upwards. Everyone started ranting about adding support for iPhone 4 and 5. All based on the assumption you put your finger on the Screen.. But you don't, its the Button. I mean it's like an electricity provider offering Finger Print light switches & people expecting to just change supplier to get the feature, Clearly you'd still need the light switches changing.. iPhone 4 & 5 Button can't read a print, has nothing to do with the Feature being Locked Out on older devices.. People are really dumb and they read nothing.


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