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Kontakt Librarys Defailt NICNT Codes

Kontakt Librarys Defailt NICNT Codes

This is a reference list of the 3 to 4 digit loading codes (these are NOT cracks or keys)

350    0on3_Studio pak
325    30 High Quality Trance Pads
eb3    8Dio Adagio Basses
eb4    8Dio Adagio Cellos
eb5    8Dio Adagio Violas
eb6    8Dio Adagio Violins
d73    The New Alien Drum
1005    8Dio Basstard
d66    BulBul Tarang
eb8    88Dio Claire Clarinet
eb9    8Dio Claire Flute
eb7    8Dio Claire Bassoon
790    8DIO Dobro
1013    8Dio EDM Drumstep V.1
1025    8Dio_EDM_Trap
c0a    Free Angels
eb2    8Dio 1928 Legacy
ab75    8Dio Liberis
d70    Mandolin Solo
d71    Mandolin Strummer
511    8Dio_Music_Box
ec1    8Dioboe
d0e    Polyphon
795    8DIO Post apocalyptic Guitar
1003    8DiO Productions - Borosilicate Bells
eb1    8Dio Requiem Pro
c98    Studio Solo Violin
d80    Steel String Guitar
609    9loops - WooFlute
513    AcousticSamples.Old.Black.Grand.Piano.Pleyel
550    AKAI MPC 2000-5000
341    AudioZombieXX.Big.Up.Arpeggio.Synths
514    Bagpipes
346    Best Service - Rare Woodwinds
515    Big Fish Audio - First Call Vintage Keyboards
601    Big.Fish.Audio.Clash.Global.Cinematic.Percussion
516    Big.Fish.Audio.Epic.Drums.II
696    Big.Fish.Audio.Spark
517    CelticWind
518    cenematic strings pro
519    Cinematic Synthetic Drums
520    Cinematique.Instruments.Autoharp
521    Cinematique.Instruments.Celtic.Nylon.Harp
522    Cinematique.Instruments.Chimes
523    Cinematique.Instruments.Experimental.Box.Vol.1
524    Cinematique.Instruments.Experimental.Box.Vol.2
525    Cinematique.Instruments.Kantele
526    Cinematique.Instruments.Spieluhr.And.GlockenSpiel
527    Cinesamples CineBells
879    CinePerc CORE
d41    CinePerc EPIC
b6m    CineWinds Pro
528    CineSamples.CineHarp
529    CineSamples.Drums.Of.War
d85    Drums of War 2
d87    Hollywoodwinds
d42    CinePerc AUX
530    Curio Cinematic Toy Piano
603    Dance T.R.A.X
534    Digital Sound Factory E-Mu Series
536    Dreamland-K5
538    Eclipse Ambient Guitars
507    Embertone Collection
703    Embertone Collection II
539    Epic_Dhol
540    Evolution Electric Bass - Rick
324    Evolution Electric Guitar - Strawberry
541    Evolution Rosewood Grand
d61    Berlin Woodwinds EXP A
543    Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Complete
327    hollow sun collection
501    Ilya Efimov - Zhaleika
503    Ilya Efimov Accordion
c45    Acoustic Guitar Complete
504    Ilya Efimov Guitar collection
a9p    LP Electric Guitar
d86    Modern Bass
c77    IE Nylon Strum
502    Ilya Efimov TC Electric Guitar
d88    Ilya Efimov Guitars
600    Ilya.Efimov.Russian.Folk.Series
544    Impact Soundworks - Highland Harps
545    Imperfect.Samples.Braunschweig.Upright.Piano.Pro.Edition
546    Imperfect.Samples.White.Baby.Grand.Complete.Edition
559    Insusurro Pads
547    JH Chimes
548    Kirk Hunter
549    Koncrete
f5457    Atmosphere
1457    ChinA BLU
4252    1928 Legacy Steinway Scoring Piano
f02    1928 Legacy Steinway Scoring Piano
f03    1969 Legacy Piano
f04    Adagietto
458845    Adagio Basses
f05    Adagio Basses 1
c82    Adagio Basses
f06    Adagio Cello 1
444557    Adagio Cellos
c49    8Dio Adagio Cellos Vol1
5682    Adagio Violas
c83    Adagio violas
f07    Adagio Violas Vol.1 Solo Viola
4456    Adagio Violins
c12    Adagio Violins v1
f08    Adagio Violins v 1.1
f09    Adagio Violins v1
c33    8Dio Basstard
f10    Basstard
5644    Borosilicate Bells
c89    Claire Bassoon Virtuoso
f11    Claire Bassoon Virtuoso
f12    Claire Clarinet Virtuoso
f13    Claire Flute Virtuoso
f14    Claire Oboe Virtuoso
f01    8Dio Collection
f15    Copperphone
f16    Dioboe
d67    Dobro Solo
c92    EDM Drumstep v1
c93    8Dio Dubstep
f17    Dubstep V1
f18    EDM Drumstep Vol 1
f19    EDM Trap
f20    Epic Dhol Ensemble
f21    Fireworks
f22    Free Angels
f23    Free Radicals
f24    Hybrid Rhythms
0444    Hybrid Tools 1
80002    Hybrid Tools 2
f25    Hybrid Tools 1
f26    Hybrid Tools 2
c10    8dio Hybrid Tools 2
f27    Liberis
c59    8Dio Liberis
f29    Mandolin
f28    Mandolin Strummer
f30    Mark Deutsch's Bazantar
f31    Mini
d245    Post-Apocalyptic Guitar
f32    Postapocalyptic Guitar
d72    Progressive Metal Guitar
0799    Requiem Pro
d05    Requiem Pro
f33    Requiem Professional 2
ab80    8Dio Requiem Pro
544544    Rhythmic Aura 1
644588    Rhythmic Aura 2
f34    Rhythmic Aura Vol. 1 - Acoustic
f35    Rhythmic Aura Vol. 2 - Synthetic
f994    Songwriting guitar
f36    Studio Solo Violin
d74    Wrenchenspiel
f60    ZEUS
c74    8Dioboe
d415    Basstard
d0f    Boom Bap Nostalgic
e16    Anthology Celtic Wind
e17    Anthology Spiritual Wind
e18    Bela D Media Collection
e19    Diva Revamp
e20    DSynth Shadows of Luminosity
e21    Gothik Musik Box
e22    Lastufka Acoustic Bass Guitar
e23    Lyrical Distortion
e24    Retro Flute
e25    Sampled Landscape Ambient World
e26    Studio B The Rock Collection
e27    The Giovani Edition Voices of the Young
e28    VAlto Choir
e29    Vocal Tools Collection
d81    Crush
d82    Dup Step Impact 2
d83    Future Complextro
d84    Hard Rock Decade of Distortion
d75    Modern Gospel Hits
c0b    Rock Cinema 2
d79    YNK Audio Body Language
ad8    CinePerc.AUX
ad4    CinePerc.CORE
312    Aliye
313    Arpeggio
412    Da Capo
314    Delphi
315    Felt Force One
311    Mallets
316    Ney
ad5    CinePerc.EPIC
ad7    CinePerc.PRO
c80    Cinebrass Core
c81    Cinebrass pro
af2    CineStrings
f444    Claire Clarinet Virtuoso
11459    Cogno
f97    Atmoraffe
f98    Blakus Cello
f99    Canjo
e01    Chapman Trumpet
e02    Embertone Collection
167    Friedlander Violin
e03    Glockenpillar
e04    Harmonette
e05    Infinity Bells
e06    Ivory Wind
e07    Jubal Flute
e08    Jug Drums Complete
e09    Ocarina Amaya
e10    Sensual Saxophone
e11    Shire Whistle
e12    The Keyboard
e13    The Kitchen
e14    Tiny Grand
e15    Tomato Paste Kalimba
ac4    Stormdrum
845    Symphonic Choirs
1111    Symphonic Orchestra
d76    Microsphere
d0g    DFS BLUE
e68    Indiginus Mountain Dulcimer
d0h    Magnaa Carter Reloaded
c97    Sound Squad V.L.X
c38    Native Instruments Collection
d009    Orchestral Tools Timpani
d89    Piano in Blue
dd1    Piano in Blue v2
d52    Fantom
d53    Jupiter 6
d54    JV1080
d55    JV2080
d56    XV 5080 rack
1917    Sable
ad9    Sensual Saxophone
d8b    Symphonic Strings
226    Minimal
f96    Aliye
f61    Arpeggio
f62    Bagpipes
f63    Carillon
f64    Carousel
f87    Sonokinetic Collection
f65    Cop Radio
f66    Da Capo 24 bit
f67    Delphi
f69    Desert Voice
f68    Desert Voice Refurbished
f70    EMP Mark II
f71    Fe
f72    FeltForceOne
f73    Haka
f74    Highly Intuitive Performance Percussion Lite
f75    HIPP
f76    Hurdy Gurdy
f77    Kemence
d8a    Sonokinetic Library
f78    Maasai
f79    Mallets
f80    Nevel
f81    Ney
f82    Project Infinity
f83    Qanun
f84    Rojin
f85    Shahrazad
f86    Sleigh Bells
f88    Sultan Drums
f89    Sultan Strings
f90    Tigris & Euphrates
f91    Toccata
f92    Toll
f93    Tutti
f94    Voices Of Israel
f95    Yemenite
667    Mars
668    Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble
669    Mercury
0701    Rust 1
0503    Rust 2
0604    Rust 3
666    Venus
d91    Ambius 2 Systematik
ae5    Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble
d92    Street Bukit
c14    Soundiron Venus
c65    Spitfire BML Horn Section
c64    Sable Strings
d06    Sable Strings V3
c55    Spitfire Sable vol.1
ds2    Spitfire Sable vol.2
c54    Spitfire Sable vol.3
bd1    Spitfire Harp REDUX
af1    Spitfire Orchestral Grand
ee2    Spitfire Solo Strings
d93    Twin Tupans
f37    808
f38    Chord Machine
f50    StudiolinkedVST Collection
f39    EDM
f40    Hip Hop Beast
f41    Hip-Hop Brass
f42    Maybach Empire
f43    Melody Machine
f44    Modern Billboard 1
f45    Modern Billboard 2
f59    Modern Guitars
f46    Platinum Hit 2
f47    Platinum Hit 3
f48    Pure Modern R&B
f49    Rap Hooks
f51    Swurve HipHop
f52    Swurve RnB
f53    Trap Bang
f54    Turn UP
f55    Ultimate Leads
f56    Urban Chord Lab
d0j    Urban Groove Machine
f57    Urban Groove Machine
d95    Urban Melody Machine
f58    Urban Synth Lab
f125    The Orchestral Grands
d96    Microtape 1 Detroit Hammond
d0b    Microtape 10 Glockowonko
d0c    Microtape 12 Cositone Harps
d0d    Microtape 14 Treble Recorder
d97    Microtape 5 Dirty Cymbals
d98    Microtape 6 Warp Sirens
d99    Microtape 7 Random 100M
d0a    Microtape 8 Rhodetron
d8c    Vienna Symphonic Library
552    Korg Collection
555    Lap Steel Guitar
556    Love Violin
557    Lyrical Distortion - Silverburst Direct
604    Mars Symphonic Mens Choir
605    microhammer_windchimes
938    MKSensation
602    Music Box
606    MyVibes
608    Native Flute
4af    EdgeSounds Native Russian 1
607    Noisefirm Shaker-Tambourine
611    Oceanic.Odyssey
612    Orange.Tree.Samples.MesaWinds
620    OrangeTreeSamples.World.Instruments.Passion.Flute
d62    Berlin Woodwinds EXP B
344    Orchestral.Tools.The.Orchestral.Grands
625    PettinHouse Acoustic Guitar v2 Complete
626    Pettinhouse WarmJazz
627    Pettinhouse.DirectGuitar.2.1
628    Precisionsound PeruvianOcarina
629    Precisionsound.Celtic.Whistles
334    Precisionsound.Ukrainian.Bandura
c5e    Prominy LPC Clean
660    Prominy.Yamaha.Electric.Grand.PCP-80
630    RandysCelesteSamples
509    Roland
d15    Spitfire Sable vol.1
dF9    Sable Strings Vol 2
631    Sample.Logic.Vuvuzela
632    Sampleism.Bandoneon
633    8Dio Adagio Basses
335    Scarbee Black Bass DI
333    Scarbee.Black.Bass.Amped.4
634    shakers
348    Modern Billboard
347    Swurve RnB
635    SonicCouture Variable Ambience Drums
330    SonicCouture.DDR.Toy.Piano
331    SonicCouture.Hang.Drum
332    SonicCouture.Morpheus
670    Sonokinetic Mallets
aa8    Sonokinetic Tutti
d90    Ney
701    Soundiron - The Musique Box
715    Soundiron Acoustic Saz
342    Soundiron Angklung
705    Soundiron Electric Saz
709    Soundiron Mercury Boys Choir
702    Soundiron Street Bukit
ab78    Soundiron Venus
708    Soundiron.Olympus.Elements
343    Soundiron.Solo.Dhol.Drum
bc11    Voice of Gaia Strawberry
d5c    Voice of Rapture The Soprano
710    soundiron_drinking_piano
711    Soundiron_Street_Erhu
d19    Spitfire Audio Harp
337    Spitfire BML101 Flute Consort Vol 1 library
d17    Spitfire Sable vol.3
345    Strezov.Sampling.Cornucopia.Strings
716    StrezovSampling_Thunder
718    StrezovSampling_Tickle
340    Studiolinkedvst.Maybach.Empire
349    Modern Billboard 2
339    Studiolinkedvst.Platinum.Hit.2
338    Studiolinkedvst.Trap.Bang
720    Studiolinkedvst.Turn.Up
722    Swurve-HipHop
725    Symphonic String Collection- Cellos
e51    0on3 Libraries
e52    Angklung
f177    Audiobro Collection
f178    Bela D Media Collection
f164    Best Service Collection
f134    Big Fish Audio Collection
d25    Chromatic Harmonica
f180    Chris Hein Horns Collection
f00    Cinesamples Hollywoodwinds
f101    Cinesamples Iron Guitars
f102    Cinesamples Metallurgy
f103    Cinesamples Piano in Blue
f154    Cinesamples Collection
f140    Diamond Symphony Orchestra Collection
e47    Dimensional Effects
f181    Echo Collective Collection
e45    Epic Guitar
f179    Favorites
f156    Fingerpushers - Infected
f175    GForce Collection
f160    Goldbaby Collection
f182    Gospel Musicians Collection
e61    Grand Cimbalom
f176    Heavyocity Collection
f170    Herbertos Collection
e59    Hg2O
f162    Hollow Sun Collection
f135    Ilya Efimov Collection
f153    Impact Soundworks Collection
f183    Imperfect Samples Collection
f163    Indiginus Collection
e63    Magnaa Carter Reloaded
f184    Mauro Pacella Collection
d21    Mural Strings
f165    Orange Tree Samples Collection
f138    Berlin Woodwinds Collection
f137    Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds EXP A
f136    Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds EXP B
991    Berlin Woodwinds
e60    Plucked Piano
f150    ProjectSAM Collection
f188    QL Symphonic Orchestra Collection
f145    Sample Logic Collection
e85     Yamaha SY 85
e86     CineSamples Deep Percussion Beds
e87     CineSamples Deep Percussion Beds 2

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