Friday, 27 May 2016

Warning Another GetWindows 10 Update

Got a notification today about an optional update Released 25TH MAY 2016 and its just that crappy GetWin10 AGAIN.. AVOID.... KB3035583

Already facing it?.. check this out.. (i use 1.9) to remove them on UK and USA windows, if your using a different country OS i would go with 1.8 its free & its simple, just read a few of the comments before hand to get an idea of the crap noobs ask or do LOL

How to get rid of Get Windows 10 Pop Up popup box

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Checking if your email has been hacked

I was recently send a link to check out as a mate was unsure if it was real or not.. its real but its not fantastic...  The site is here,  what it does is checks your email against a database of emails listed by sites as being hacked.

IE:  when a Company has been hacked that holds your details in its system.
NOT when you've used some crap tool that says it'll give you someones details if you give them yours & the victims email.. screw you trolls.

Anyways the site seams genuine, but its crap..

All it seams to know is about 2 hacks, one being adobe in 2013 and some other thing ive never heard of.  What i see it lacking is the Bohemia Interactive hack where their database was compromised, granted you may of never heard of them, its just a forum.. but they made some of the biggest PC games of all time.

Regardless of that, they fail to mention the eBay hack...  so yeah.. the sites an interesting Idea but it certainly needs way more work on it... Now that the Octber 2015 TalkTalk hack information seams to be in the wild, i wonder if that information will land on their too.

ALSO note someone will probably end up buying that site then every email it gets will just receive spam.. thats what most aholes do.. build up a domain (a url)  then sell it on to c*nts...