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Extra Hard Disk Drive Space On Windows XP

I have recently been giving away some Home Made System Tools
That I use when working on Computers & Lap Tops...
This is stuff people just DON'T give away because they are their little home made tools of the trade, things that make us good, well make me good, ive watched many do this job by hand LMFAO

So today i share with the world my WindowsXPUpdateCleaner.bat
(see END of POST for Full Script)

This is a script of sorts written in windows notepad and updated monthly with a list of folder and file names, so each month i run it on varied systems it cleans up the junk for me..
(NEVER confuse a Back Slash with a Forward Slash)
And Also Remember Your Working In Windows NotePad

Its a simple task yet normally takes a fair old while by hand on multiple systems, so i designed a script that looks "Specifically" for files it knows about, this removes the risk of it removing anything it doesn't know.
IE it uses a known list rather than a wild card search based formula like *.log

When i run it, it looks like this...

My Cleaner Script With Basic Interface

When it's finished, it looks like this...

My Cleaner Script With Reboot Option When Finished

It Uses Standard Windows Command Prompt Code CMD to remove files and folders i have specified on the list, which saves me having to go in and out of  folders to get rid of stuff.

An example of some of the stuff it removes is the windows update mini folders, when you update windows it downloads the update and unpacks it to a temp dir in your Windows folder (its a hidden folder, so on default settings you cant see it)  some folders will be made directly in your windows folder like this

100's of them after a fair while updating

You also get a folder in the windows folder that has 100's of folders in their to $hf_mig$
100's of them

Then for each of the KB updates it places a log file in the windows dir
100's of them after a fair while updating

 Over time your system can be storing up to 2GB maybe 5GB, thats atleast 2 gigabyte of wasted drive space.  Please ber in mind when you download a windows update (just one) it downloads to here

It then makes a back up of the files its going to replace, those replaced files get stored in the KB folder and the new files go in their original place.
So consider this,  you have the
files (In Use)
files (Backed Up)
files (Downloaded)

So every time you get a windows update you end up with 3 copies of the files on your system
   and you only need ONE...

One of the commands my script runs is this

RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\$hf_mig$

Windows CMD Code Break Down

RMDIR = Remove Directory (IE Delete That Folder)

 /Q   =  Removes all folders & files inside & the specified directory

  /S   = Answers the basic windows question of "are you sure you wish to send this to the bin"

%SystemRoot%  = The Windows Folder on your hard disk, normally C:\Windows, sometimes its D:\
 the SystemRoot parameter saves having to know the drive letter your windows is installed on

$hf_mig$ = The name of the folder we are removing (that specified directory)

So running that code  RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\$hf_mig$    removes 100's of files

Other folders that can be deleted are

C:\WINDOWS\ie7 (This is a BackUp of IE 6.0, in case you Uninstall 7)
C:\WINDOWS\ie8 (This is a BackUp of IE 7.0, in case you Uninstall 8)
Don't be fooled by thinking they are the Internet Explorer install folders

Their are also Update folders for each located here


Other apps depend on IE being up to date, so even if your offline, you still want to leave IE8 installed and remember that IE8 folder is just a back up of IE7, as is the IE7 folder a back up of IE6..
So to remove the useless folders you can use these 4 commands..

RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ie7
RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ie7updates
RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ie8
RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ie8updates

If you've ever installed a Windows Service Pack, that's about 480MB, once unpacked it resides here normally   C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles

That can be removed using

RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ServicePackFiles

Lets take a look at the Remove a Specific FILE command

DEL /Q /F %SystemRoot%\KB2633952.log

Windows CMD Code Break Down

DEL = Delete (IE Delete That Item)

 /Q   =   Quiet mode, do not ask if ok to delete the file

  /F   = Force deleting of read-only files "are you sure you wish to send system file"

%SystemRoot%  = The Windows Folder on your hard disk.

KB2633952.log = The name of the file we are removing

It is risky using a *.log based wild card because some systems have drivers & software that create a specific uninstall.log in the windows DIR, my script lists ONLY known logs & folders that are safe for deletion, rather than any file with the extension  .log

Never fear dos, its so stupid its simple
for example, click on Start, then Run, then type in CMD and click ok
to exit that box you type  EXIT and hit enter...

To bring up HELP for every dos based app you type its NAME and then a space and then   /?


DEL /?    or   RMDIR /?

The app name, then a space, then a Forward Slash, then the question mark sign
and the App lists its help and available commands.

typing  CLS and hitting enter clears the screen

So go see how much drive space you have & make a note of it
then create a new text file   .txt  and paste this code below into it (ONLY the code)

RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ie7
RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ie7updates
RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ie8
RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ie8updates
RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\ServicePackFiles
RMDIR /Q /S %SystemRoot%\$hf_mig$

Make Sure this is ALL you have in the file and then save it

save the file and close it, then right click on it and select RE NAME
rename it so its now  WindowsXPUpdateCleaner.BAT

its icon should change, if it hasn't then its called  .bat.txt
it MUST end in .bat

 IF you have problems Renaming the file (god help u) lol anyway if you do
click on FILE and then SAVE AS and on the box at the Bottom, click the Drop Down
select ALL FILES and then Type the file name in with the  .BAT on the end like so

Once its got the new icon, double click it (Unless You Have Updated & NOT Rebooted)
it will display messages and then pause
pressing any key will make it then exit..  now go see how much drive space you have free
Please ber in mind that's just a small demonstration using a couple of commands
this script can be run on ANY windows XP machine
and remember "file not found" isn't an issue, it just means it wasn't their to remove

To get back into your script "editing"  right click on your Bat file and select EDIT
and it'll open back up in notepad, remember now its a bat, not a txt, so its associated with CMD now, not notepad.. Don't try to associate cmd files by using the "Open With" and picking notepad and selecting always use notepad, because that'll stop bat files running  : /

I would be interested to no how much drive space you have recovered using the whole script, so please comment below with how much you managed to recover on your drive.
Never run this after updating ALWAYS reboot your system once or twice to make sure all the windows updates finished, and then run my script.

Shall we continue?

We also get folders off driver installers and microsoft .net, these tend to linger in random places and sometimes even on a number of your drives if you have more than 1 hard disk or 1 partition.
Some of them even have really whacked out folder names like these...


We also have a command to empty the Windows Temp folder (not user, windows its self)
BUT we DON'T use the Force command on this one as some files in their maybe in use
So we use this command for that

DEL /Q %SystemRoot%\TEMP\*.*

Every user also has a Temp folder of their own, i tend to go in their and just hold CTRL & Press A (to select all) then delete everything i can from their.. that folder is located here

C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR LOG ON NAME\Local Settings\temp

you can also get to that folder easier by clicking Start then RUN and typing in  %TEMP%
and clicking OK, and it opens the folder on your windows account, bin what ever you can in their...

Also delete what ever you can IN Here

So you run my script, then empty your user temp folder & Empty the Download folder in software distribution, defrag and see how much room you have.

My FULL script is available HERE as a TEXT File
(use the Green Button WITH the File Size) size will change as its updated

If your PC SAVI and you see OLD  KB folders OR Log files my script has missed Please list them in the comments below but ALSO REMEMBER... make Sure Their Old as in 2 or 3 months... on their properties...

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Free APPS FOR iPad iPod and iPhone Apps and Games and NO Jailbreak Required

I am going to let you into one of the best secrets to the iPhone, iPad and iPod...
that some of you may know and some of you may not...

How to get REAL FREE Apps and Games..
Apps and Games that you would normally have to buy..
With NO Jail Break or Hacking Needed, And It Is 100% Legal...
   and ALL Available from the Official iTunes App Store. FREE

There are a few apps out their that are run by people who convince companies on the app store to give away one of their retail apps for free (for 24 hours)  BUT once you click Install on one of these apps you have then added it to your iTunes account   "that means its Yours Forever" even if you delete it off your device...

Some apps offer a discount on the purchase, again once bought like that you can later use the Restore Purchase to get the app back.  Other considerations are if you DON'T have an iPad but you DO plan to get one.. nothing stops you using these apps on your iPhone to see what is avalible for free today.. and then using iTunes on your PC or MAC to manually search the store for the iPad app and downloading it that way.
(so when you get an iPad in the future, you have apps to go on it)

I have saved well over £140 so far using these apps to download software from the iTunes store on my iPhone 3GS and i have amassed a fair bit of ipad software to, so my iTunes account is probably worth around £140 so far (and remember you can have your purchases installed on up to 3 devices at a time)
All of the apps offered (when you click on them) all take you to their official iTunes store page, so the apps you are downloading are coming right from the manufacture. YES "some" of these apps are also available on the Android Market and Google Play as well so you can also get free apps and games on your android phone or tablet, and wireless book  ;)

Why would they do this.. What's the catch?
giving an app away for 24 hours not only gets you some promotion, maybe more sales of other apps, but also builds the "downloads count" and brings in much more user feedback & reviews, helping to improve further updates.. so whats the catch?  their oddly isn't one.. wey hey  :D

The first App I recommend you download onto your iDevice is Apps Gone Free
this app shows anywhere from 5 to 9 free apps every 24 hours and remember once you download one, its attached to your iTunes account forever.. and remember you can always use iTunes its self to download iPad apps, or iPhone apps if your using an iPad already but are looking to get an iPhone at a later date, because ber in mind "not all" apps work on both iPad and iPhone, so for some you need both.

Apps Gone Free

The Next App I Recommend Is FreeAppMagic
this app offers 3 free apps every 24 hours and again once you have an app its yours forever.
The 3rd rocket you select asks you to log in with facebook, you can say "no thanks" and then select the rocket again to view the app..

Free App Magic

The other cool thing is this one also keeps track of how much you have saved since you started.

Next up is such a kick ass app its just unreal FreeAppList - Save Your Money
this things massive, note if an app has a price then its a Paid App (that "maybe" free)
if its NOT got a Price, then its just a Free app (ber in mind a paid app for free is a FULL Paid App)
IE paid apps have no adverts or limitations
So try to get the apps that usually cost (them that show a price in green but crossed out)
MAKE SURE THEIR STORE BUTTON SAYS FREE on the iTunes store page before clicking   ;)
It has about 22 category's separating the apps and it lists up to 10000 apps/games

Free App List

Next up is FGOTD aka Free Game Of the Day
its all in the name and you get to download top games for free
(sadly this wont work on the iPhone 3GS) but it works on other devices.

Also check out AppOfTheDay
they give away apps to


And also look at Appoday
they give away either an App or a Discount, or they arrange for a special bonus if you download a free game today,  IE the games already free, but downloading it today may get you gold, or a character or a level unlock or something (that would of normally been an in app purchase)


Another one is called  AppGratis
sadly this was banned from the iStore because the iTunes terms of service states a developer can only promote their own apps, which makes one wonder how all the other apps have not been banned.
NOTE that AppGrattis still works if you have it, you just can't download it from the app store anymore.
so if its on your phone.. back it up to your pc or mac. you CAN also just visit the AppGratis website Here and see what's free (then search the iTunes Store for the download manually ;)
App Gratis is still available on Google Play for use on Android phones..


Another website listing freeApps



If you don't have an iPad or an iPhone but you do have plans to get one or the other in the future, then nothing stops installing iTunes on your PC and setting up a free Apple ID and using the web to see what these apps are giving away. Then manually searching with iTunes and downloading these apps
(IE adding them to your apple id for future use)

This blog post will be Updated with more shots and info soon :)

Some of the Apps ive downloaded so far using these free app apps

Fast Camera
Zitrr Camera
iMotion HD
Blux Movie
iFast Pro
Lapse It
Gif Me!
My Folder
Design Tools
Converter TM
PDF it All
Scripts Pro
Chess HD
My Movies
Voxel Raiders
miniSynth 2
Special Piano
Real Piano HD
Video D/L
Angry Birds HD
Angry Birds Space HD
Angry Birds StarWars HD
Guitar Suite
Guitar Suite HD
Global Tuner
VLC iRemote
TOP Files
HT Recorder
WiFi Transfer
Voice Memos Pro
Voice Dictation
Air Keyboard
Radio Live!
A3D Player 7.1
Double Music
Audyssey Music Player
Typic Pro
Deco Sketch
Clone Camera
PhotoKit Pro

and 100's of others, some i have installed now, some i don't, but a trip to my itunes and i have them all back again and ready to use...  games, apps, all free, no obligations.. to cool to be true, but this is one of them times were it's true... and it ROCKS!!!

on the iTunes store page before clicking a download  ;)

So why do this?
well normal FREE apps have adverts.. they open pop ups in your browser (under the app your using)  That crap just eats your data allowance..

Samsung Mobile Phone & JAVA Tips

Samsung Tocco Mobile Phone Tips

Saw this crap a lot of times around the internet recently when i was trying to remember
how to REMOVE that white and Blue G Symbol Icon on the Samsung Tocco Lite GT-S5230
ive had mine about a year & my mate just got one

Loads of stupid pages full of adverts and mostly talking about unblocking a contact.. what kinda of reply is that ffs, other people on Yahoo answers also said it can't be done.. yeah right....  IT CAN....

So i was messing about with it for him & tryna remember some of the basics
and Goolge was NO help at all!!!!!
so i dug out my disks ide burnt back when i did mine and heres a little guide

Depending on the Phones FirmWare
there was a number of codes you needed to no
such as the

Operator PreConfiguration
Internals Master Key

and a few others.....
These HIDDEN SYSTEM MENUS were accessed via your Phones Dialer
using codes that Begin with  *#   and end in *#

I have managed to cut through ALL the menus IN ALL the "CURRENT "  FirmWares
to bring you ONE CODE to access the AUTO POWER ON GPRS......

when you use this key  and then Un-Tick The box  (RESTART THE PHONE!!!!)
the Blue G logo will be GONE.....    BUT    when you wish to access the internet
OR open an APP that Requires the Internet IT WILL APPEAR AND IT WILL WORK.
When you close the app, GPRS will also close & the icon will go away again....


If you have Enabled Mobile Tracking in the security section of the phone
  (to monitor your kids movements or a partner whose not all their in the head)
         that tracking may No Longer Work when the phone is off....
"If" you "COULD/DID" turn it off and go back in and it IS OFF,
yet the blue G is still their....

 Then clearly your phone is doing something Behind your back...
IE.. mobile tracker is on..  or FB is always logged in...
IE IE Something of Yours MUST  be accessing the net
so saying i turned it off & its still their is YOUR PROBLEM & NOT THIS GUIDE.....

ALSO NOTE Turning off the Auto Power On GRPS will save you up to 20% of your battery life  :)

Here is the Code to bring up the Option to turn OFF the auto power on
  if its "Ticked"  Untick it....

Open Phone Dialer & Type In This Code   *#4777*8665#
(this works on MOST Samsung phones and if it doesn't, it wont mater)
you'll just get WRONG number & nothing will be changed

You can also use the same code to go back in and turn it back on...

Here as some MISC FirmWare Codes For Samsung Tocco's Ive Encountered
(They Vary Between Model & FirmWare)
you will notice that GPRS option when you go through your menus
I just provided the Exact Direct Code to save you time...
and in case you have a firmware where the Menu Access codes them selves have been changed

FirmWare = S5230XPJK1 = Codes
Admin-Menu: *#5239870*#
Operator PreConfiguration: *#27236*#
Internals Master Key: *#7092463*#

FirmWare = S5230XPIK5 = Codes
Admin-Menu: *#5239870*#
Internals Master Key: *#7092463*#
Operator PreConfiguration: *#27236*#

FirmWare = S5230XEII4 = Codes
Admin-Menu: *#6984125*#
Operator PreConfiguration: *#6984125*#
Internals Master Key: *#9072641*#
Operator Code for Pre-configuration *#73561*#

How can i check what firmware i have on the samsung tocco ?
Open the Dialer and Dial   *#1234#

"""DON'T press ANY of the On Screen Buttons that appear"""
just press the Power Off Button ONCE to close the screen

How can i unlock a Samsung Tocco Light?  Multiloader V5.56
that's dead easy, their are video guides on youtube
(with all needed tools in the video descriptions)
just read the comments to see if people say yes or no
and also try to use a LAP TOP to do it
power loss during phone flash can be risky
You only need the basic data transfer cable to do it to


Also make sure you plug phone in and let all the new hardware stuff come and go
(plug phone in to computer/laptop when phones OFF & go through the new hardware)
(plug phone in again with phone on)  making sure to keep using the SAME USB port
saves windows finding new hardware during a FLASH and taking control of the port
ALSO when the flasher says its DONE wait a bit and if u have to turn off the phone
IF the flasher comes up failed
(do it again,  AND DON'T turn phone off or unplug it
leave it in download mode and do it again

Plugging im my Tocco, the PC keeps saying found new hardware for Mobile Broadcom and windows cant find driver when it checks my pc or the disk ?
Google this  OR this "V_Mobile1.0 Broadcommdriver"  and "Pre-Install USB Drivers" and "MCCI Corporation"
(if google looks for something else AND says OR search for, use the Or search for)
google has a horrible thing were it Changes what you typed in
and shows you results for what IT THOUGHT YOU MEANT......
  "V_Mobile1.0 Broadcommdriver"    IS A FILE NAME,    NOT A TYPO
you would think Samsung would of put that driver on their disk right?  BAH!!!

you can also get a Wallpaper Maker, takes 3 Pictures on PC and merges the 3 into 1
  google  "Samsung Tocco Wallpaper Maker"
or try  "S5230WallpaperCreator"   or "Copyright © Oleg Zhuk 2009"
AGAIN, make sure google doesn't show wrong results with its DID YOU MEAN...





(they are NOT the same)

why can't I install Java Games On The Galaxy?  "Moronic Question"
how can i run Java Games On a Galaxy?  (with a JAVA Emulator  GOOGLE!!!!)
GOOGLE...  (asking this kinda crap is like playing a DVD in a Washing Machine FFS)

So HOW can I Install Java Games On My Samsung Tocco
(remember this is a TOCCO TIPS POST.. NOT a Galaxy Post)
 ****Don't ask any NONE Tocco Illegal Related Questions Here*****

And i am in this mood over the stupid questions from the tocco video i did

To Install a JAR file  (that's ON YOUR PHONE)
Copy the file (game APP or what ever JAR) into your PHONE
Right into the ROOT "Media"  then rename it to   1.jar

Open the Phone Browser and Create a BOOKMARK


To Install a JAR file  (that's ON YOUR SD MEMORY CARD)
Copy the file (game APP or what ever JAR) into your SD CARD
Right into the ROOT "Media"  then rename it to   1.jar

Open the Phone Browser & Create a BOOKMARK



I Can't find the Media Folder?

Go to the JAR FILE on the phone (were ever YOU put it)
select MOVE
then when it asks WHERE
select the ROOT of the Phone  (USE THE PHONE, NOT THE PC)
select The Root Using The Phone

Phone and SD Card MENU EXAMPLE
Other files
<------ data-blogger-escaped-here="here">

Can i use the "Other Files" Folder instead?

BUT you MUST change the paths like this

file:///Media/Other%20files/1.jar  phone

 file:///Mount/mmc/Other%20files/1.jar  SD

Folder Spaces MUST BE FILLED using   %20   instead of a space

I am trying to install a game on my tocco and its over 500kb and the phone gives me an error message when i try to run the app or game?
 (this happens with the likes of "Angry Birds HD" and other games over 500KB)
 to by pass this you have to use the Admin menu codes, so first you install the game, then if you get an error running the game, find the Admin menu code that works for you, check firmware to narrow down attempts
and then  FOR EXAMPLE...
On your mobile phone click on the 'Dial' button, than dial '*#6984125*#' go to 'Internals' enter the following Master Key '*#9072641*#' Go to 'Storage Settings' and click on 'Update Java DB'.
so what ever your code you MUST get to the Update Java DB and run it
Now your game will run when you click on it to play it :D

There is a Good Video Guide showing How Its Done HERE

if you found this Page using Google OR another search engine...  ROCK ON...
if you asked someone and they pointed you here....

there used to be a default reset code &amp; anyone who found a code could just remove the sim... power on the phone.. type in a key... and it reset the phone removing ALL pins and security.. this was a really naughty code...

BUT  today what that code is a naughty nasty code
does the same thing with an ADDITIONAL thing...
It changes the IME to  OOOOOOOOO  so  DON'T use it ANY factory Reset Codes....
or the phone has no MAC and can NO longer be used

how do i no if i can use a factory reset code?
All i remember from back then is this........
The IME WIPE appeared about half way through the Samsung D900 model release life span
IF you have wiped one, you maybe able to "Restore The Boot File"
U can also use the term  "How To Unbrick or Un-Brick... and the phone model number"
when searching google

BRICK.. NOT BLOCK... Computers are as Thick As You Are
So Terminology is what you need to put in a Search Engine

You can also get one of these, goes in the cable/power socket to use Headphones

Samsung Tocco Headphone Adapter

Manual Cover

Twin Toccos

Menu Backgrounds: