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Free APPS FOR iPad iPod and iPhone Apps and Games and NO Jailbreak Required

I am going to let you into one of the best secrets to the iPhone, iPad and iPod...
that some of you may know and some of you may not...

How to get REAL FREE Apps and Games..
Apps and Games that you would normally have to buy..
With NO Jail Break or Hacking Needed, And It Is 100% Legal...
   and ALL Available from the Official iTunes App Store. FREE

There are a few apps out their that are run by people who convince companies on the app store to give away one of their retail apps for free (for 24 hours)  BUT once you click Install on one of these apps you have then added it to your iTunes account   "that means its Yours Forever" even if you delete it off your device...

Some apps offer a discount on the purchase, again once bought like that you can later use the Restore Purchase to get the app back.  Other considerations are if you DON'T have an iPad but you DO plan to get one.. nothing stops you using these apps on your iPhone to see what is avalible for free today.. and then using iTunes on your PC or MAC to manually search the store for the iPad app and downloading it that way.
(so when you get an iPad in the future, you have apps to go on it)

I have saved well over £140 so far using these apps to download software from the iTunes store on my iPhone 3GS and i have amassed a fair bit of ipad software to, so my iTunes account is probably worth around £140 so far (and remember you can have your purchases installed on up to 3 devices at a time)
All of the apps offered (when you click on them) all take you to their official iTunes store page, so the apps you are downloading are coming right from the manufacture. YES "some" of these apps are also available on the Android Market and Google Play as well so you can also get free apps and games on your android phone or tablet, and wireless book  ;)

Why would they do this.. What's the catch?
giving an app away for 24 hours not only gets you some promotion, maybe more sales of other apps, but also builds the "downloads count" and brings in much more user feedback & reviews, helping to improve further updates.. so whats the catch?  their oddly isn't one.. wey hey  :D

The first App I recommend you download onto your iDevice is Apps Gone Free
this app shows anywhere from 5 to 9 free apps every 24 hours and remember once you download one, its attached to your iTunes account forever.. and remember you can always use iTunes its self to download iPad apps, or iPhone apps if your using an iPad already but are looking to get an iPhone at a later date, because ber in mind "not all" apps work on both iPad and iPhone, so for some you need both.

Apps Gone Free

The Next App I Recommend Is FreeAppMagic
this app offers 3 free apps every 24 hours and again once you have an app its yours forever.
The 3rd rocket you select asks you to log in with facebook, you can say "no thanks" and then select the rocket again to view the app..

Free App Magic

The other cool thing is this one also keeps track of how much you have saved since you started.

Next up is such a kick ass app its just unreal FreeAppList - Save Your Money
this things massive, note if an app has a price then its a Paid App (that "maybe" free)
if its NOT got a Price, then its just a Free app (ber in mind a paid app for free is a FULL Paid App)
IE paid apps have no adverts or limitations
So try to get the apps that usually cost (them that show a price in green but crossed out)
MAKE SURE THEIR STORE BUTTON SAYS FREE on the iTunes store page before clicking   ;)
It has about 22 category's separating the apps and it lists up to 10000 apps/games

Free App List

Next up is FGOTD aka Free Game Of the Day
its all in the name and you get to download top games for free
(sadly this wont work on the iPhone 3GS) but it works on other devices.

Also check out AppOfTheDay
they give away apps to


And also look at Appoday
they give away either an App or a Discount, or they arrange for a special bonus if you download a free game today,  IE the games already free, but downloading it today may get you gold, or a character or a level unlock or something (that would of normally been an in app purchase)


Another one is called  AppGratis
sadly this was banned from the iStore because the iTunes terms of service states a developer can only promote their own apps, which makes one wonder how all the other apps have not been banned.
NOTE that AppGrattis still works if you have it, you just can't download it from the app store anymore.
so if its on your phone.. back it up to your pc or mac. you CAN also just visit the AppGratis website Here and see what's free (then search the iTunes Store for the download manually ;)
App Gratis is still available on Google Play for use on Android phones..


Another website listing freeApps



If you don't have an iPad or an iPhone but you do have plans to get one or the other in the future, then nothing stops installing iTunes on your PC and setting up a free Apple ID and using the web to see what these apps are giving away. Then manually searching with iTunes and downloading these apps
(IE adding them to your apple id for future use)

This blog post will be Updated with more shots and info soon :)

Some of the Apps ive downloaded so far using these free app apps

Fast Camera
Zitrr Camera
iMotion HD
Blux Movie
iFast Pro
Lapse It
Gif Me!
My Folder
Design Tools
Converter TM
PDF it All
Scripts Pro
Chess HD
My Movies
Voxel Raiders
miniSynth 2
Special Piano
Real Piano HD
Video D/L
Angry Birds HD
Angry Birds Space HD
Angry Birds StarWars HD
Guitar Suite
Guitar Suite HD
Global Tuner
VLC iRemote
TOP Files
HT Recorder
WiFi Transfer
Voice Memos Pro
Voice Dictation
Air Keyboard
Radio Live!
A3D Player 7.1
Double Music
Audyssey Music Player
Typic Pro
Deco Sketch
Clone Camera
PhotoKit Pro

and 100's of others, some i have installed now, some i don't, but a trip to my itunes and i have them all back again and ready to use...  games, apps, all free, no obligations.. to cool to be true, but this is one of them times were it's true... and it ROCKS!!!

on the iTunes store page before clicking a download  ;)

So why do this?
well normal FREE apps have adverts.. they open pop ups in your browser (under the app your using)  That crap just eats your data allowance..

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