Friday, 21 June 2013

Wi-Fi Virgin Media Netgear DGN1000 ADSL Router Problems Dropping Signal Help

Ive recently been experiencing problems with Virgin Media since they have been doing work on the National ADSL Service.  I was extremely disappointed having to troll round the internet, because to be honest i no my stuff when it comes to computers.

So their i am looking on the Netgear website for a possible firmware update (like most of you even no what that is right?)  Like virgin media is going to tell customers their have been atleast SIX updates for my router and i have NEVER been notified... makes you wonder why they didn't do it remotely...

So if your Wi-Fi is dropping and your a virgin media customer (especially on ADSL) their is an Update for your Router (that little black box with the aerial)
After going round in circles on the netgear site looking for a more modern firmware than the one i had, i decided to start googling around to see what i could find, and after about 10 mins i found a website that linked Directly to a Virgin media page... yet google couldn't just get me right to the page  (way to go richard bransons team not being able to dominate the google search)

So i ended up HERE


IF you have a Virgin Media Cable Router, just turn it off for 5 mins then turn it back on and wait 10 mins for it to fully boot (the normal cable "Super Hub" ones auto update when power is shut off & and restarted)
If you have a netgear actual cable modem (not adsl) try the link at the bottom of this post

National router firmware update

If you’re using the National Netgear N Series router and you’re having trouble with the wireless connection you can update the router’s firmware to fix the problem.
  1. Download which contains your router's new firmware and instructions for applying it.
  2. Right click the file and select Extract or Unzip.
  3. Open the document: "006020NationalWirelessRouterIssues_Instructions_v1.pdf"
    and follow the steps to update the router's firmare.

Its a little naughty that my firmware version ENDED in  .19  and the new one ends in  .25
thats a fair few fixes my system was missing...

The zip file comes with an ADOBE PDF File, which has full pictures with instructions
 to check if your model is ADSL just look at where it plugs in the wall  IE.. Is it exactly the same as a phone socket...  if it is then its adsl

 code on the back may also be  DGN1000SP or possibly DGN1000

If you have the  Netgear WGR614v9,  read here and the link below

ALSO MASSES OF NETGEAR Help Right  here (site can be slow at times, says a lot lmfao)


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