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Playstation PSX PSOne PS2 Bios Files Information Breakdown

This is being posted as an Information Reference To a set of files released back in 2004
(the files are NOT hosted here, although their is a link to a site that hosts them)

Here is the information gathered in 2004 by TheWraith517

Old Grey Playstation Bios Files
Used By ePSXe Play Station Emulator

PSX Bios ROM V1.0(J)(1994-09-22)(SCPH1000)
PSX Bios ROM V2.2(E)(1995-12-04)(SCPH1002 or DTLH3002)
PSX Bios ROM V2.2(J)(1995-12-04)(SCPH5000)
PSX Bios ROM V2.2(A)(1995-12-04)(SCPH1001 or DTLH3000)
PSX Bios ROM V3.0(E)(1997-01-06)(SCPH5502 & SCPH5552)
PSX Bios ROM V3.0(J)(1996-09-09)(SCPH5500)
PSX Bios ROM V3.0(A)(1996-11-18)(SCPH7003)
PSX Bios ROM V4.0(J)(1997-08-18)(SCPH7000)
PSX Bios ROM V4.1(E)(1997-12-16)(SCPH7502 or SCPH7002 or bios41A)
PSX Bios ROM V4.1(A)(1997-12-16)(SCPH7001)

(A) America US NTSC
(E) European PAL
(J) Japanese J/NTSC

ePSXe recognizes these but not all O.o
and ive opened em up and there all marked as they are
its an EMU problem not a Bios ERROR
its took me hours to sift around the world

also SCPH7002 & SCPH5552 was extracted by TheWraith.. so credit were its due...
 SCPH7002 was extracted from my kids psx and SCPH5552 extracted from mine :)
the ePSXe wont read them yet, as they never had them in their archive, but they work fine with other emu's.

to test em if you wish
open windows  WORD PAD  (under accessories) and just drag them over the top
THEN...  scroll down to the bottom and you'll see text like this
System ROM Version 4.1 12/16/97 E Copyright 1993-1997 (C) Sony Computer Entertainment Inc..
so there all perfectly named.. so BLAME THE EMU for errors

kk How To get The most out of them
In ePSXe 1.5.0 select SCPH1001  or  SCPH7502
In ePSXe 1.6.0 select SCPH1001  or  SCPH9002
you wont see scph9002 in the folder
(only in epsxe cos it reads scph7502  AS  scph9002 which is wrong)
Remember RE-NAME  NOTHING!!!
keep these intact to help others & help emu makers get it RIGHT
this is the Full set as listed at the top...

Any {problems using these on another PS2 EMU ???}

rename the bios (scph10000.bin) file to
ROM1.bin, then make a copy and rename it to ROM2.bin
and another copy to EROM.bin
so you have 3 but their all the same yip  :)

Early versions of the PS2-THE SCPH10000 usually had all of the control
stuff for the CDVD drives on the memory card, but later versions
of the PS2 came out with changes
The SONY Team decided to install the CDVD software on a separate bios file
this named as ROM1.bin and so on and so on...
so it changed a lot in the later versions.
you just need to make copies of the BIOS file and RENAME IT  ;)

How Do I / You Identify Your/  My  PS2 ?

PlayStation 2 version 1, 2 & 3
Identity Features: 10 Screws at the base of PS2
USA SCPH 30001 Version 1 = Serial Number begins with U1 Date Code 0D
USA SCPH 30001 Version 2 = Serial Number begins with U0 Date Code 0D
USA SCPH 30001 Version 3 = Serial Number begins with U1 Date Code 1A
USA SCPH 30001 Version 3 = Serial Number begins with U2 Date Code 0D

PlayStation 2 version 4
Identity Features: 8 Screws at the base of PS2
ALSO  electrical warning stamped on the bottom
USA SCPH 30001 Version 4 = Serial Number begins with U0
USA SCPH 30001 Version 4 = Serial Number begins with U1
USA SCPH 30001 Version 4 = Serial Number begins with U2
USA SCPH 30001 Version 4 = Serial Number begins with U3
USA SCPH 30001 Version 4 = Serial Number begins with U4
USA SCPH 30001 Version 4 = Serial Number begins with U5
USA SCPH 35001 Version 4 = GT3 Edition

PlayStation 2 version 4, 5, 6 & 7
There are 3 Motherboards for the SCPH 30001R,
Version 4, 5 and 6 (5 and 6 are the same)
USA SCPH 30001R Version 5 or 6
USA SCPH 39001 Version 7

Real PS2 Bios Files
PS2 Bios scph10000.bin
PS2 Bios scph3004R.bin
PS2 Bios scph39001.bin
PS2 Bios SCPH-30001
PS2 Bios SCPH-35001
PS2 Bios SCPH-30001R
PS2 Bios SCPH-39001
PS2 Bios SCPH-39010
PS2 Bios SCPH-50001
PS2 Bios SCPH-50010
PS2 Bios SCPH-50001N
PS2 Bios SCPH-50010N
PS2 Bios SCPH-39001N
PS2 Bios SCPH-39010N
PS2 Bios rom1.bin <-- ?

You Can Find More Files,  even for PS2 Emu's on

Ive NOT worked on ANY PSX since 2005, So it would be pointless to ask me for any information
I am also unwilling to link directly to Roms, Bins, or Bios files, and that includes any of Wraiths or Fireflys Xplorer & Xploder Roms...  sorry but piracy can't be used here....
I assume other driver sites also host Bios files as they contain the drivers AKA FirmWare for the system....

Special thanks to FireFly who made many cool things and links to many cool things way back when... the likes of B.B.Q, G.F.X and U.G.L where sharing the games on the legendary WinMX  :D
and special thanks to all involved in an with ePSXe  :)
Bleem ?  fk off you sad loosers...

Playstation 3?
Playstation 4?
No Idea...

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