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Preparing For The End Of Microsoft Windows XP

Are you ready for the End?,  It's coming and im sure i am not the only one dreading being stuck on windows 7  (that's a gripe for those of us who understand that Vista & Windows 8 Are Rubbish)

 I My Self will be Keeping a few XP Machines for my music & video work, im not some multi millionaire who can just replace all his hardware because microsoft are sick of plugging holes in xp...

That said windows xp was due to be stopped a while ago, only Vista failed to take off so microsoft extended the Xp Home Edition life cycle to match that of xp media centre 2005 along with the xp pro and xp corp editions.

For many people (if they end up having to format their xp systems down the line) are going to have problems finding files and programs, especially such things as 3rd party runtime files that companies never want you to actually have the full installer for.. the likes of Shockwave, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash Player, Java, these things that seam to be "Internet Only" software, And Yet Many Many Programs you install say "WE REQUIRE THIS"   So just where are you then going to get this and that the next time you wish to set up a windows XP Computer or LapTop...  let alone how to activate an OEM version on possibly a none OEM board.  You can read about how to legally activate windows XP WHILE OFF LINE  here on my blog soon.

Any retarded comments such as "why use XP for anything"  you either have more money than sense, or the most advanced software you use is Facebook and iTunes....  There Are MANY REASONS as to why people need Windows XP..   you'll be deleted trying to troll here...

Ber In Mind XP Is Made Redundant On April 14th, so you don't really have that long to pre-pair your self (to take stock & stock up on the things you are going to need for any future XP Instillations)

As many sites use little STUB Installers (that download extra components)
you need to get your hands on the FULL Installers, this can be very tricky with certain companies...
So HERE i shall make it easier by providing some Direct Download Links and Direct Page Links...

Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.0.06
Adobe Shockwave
Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer
Adobe Flash Player Other Browsers
Java Runtime 7.51
QuickTime 7.7.5
iTunes 11.1.5
VLC Media Player 2.1.3

Why Flash?, some programs need it, some programs have their own browser to show their HTML based help system (so a programs help system may not work without "both" versions of flash installed)

Q) Are These The Latest? Or Why Are These Not The Latest Versions?
A) Your Concern Here Is These ARE COMPATIBLE Versions For XP

Q) How Can I Update The Windows XP Operating System It's Self After I Install It?
A) Windows Off Line Updater...   Download THIS if you need any EXTRA help check out their forum
(this things important, so ide move your self on this whole issue.. APRIL 14...)

Q) How Do I Use This To Update Windows
A) Follow Instructions Below

1) Download the file
2) Right Click on it and select Extract
3) Best Place To Run This Would Be On An External Drive
4) Run The File Called   apup.exe
5) Select Windows XP SP3 (in your preferred language)
6) Select Anything Else That Takes Your Fancy
7) More You Pick, More Drive Space It'll Take
8) Any Errors, Let It Finish, Exit, Re-Open and Go Again

Recommendations To Get?
1) XP SP3 x86 in your language
2) what ever Office you use (if it needs activating, ide not bother)
3) adobe, java, directX, reg tweeks, other apps
4) avoid security stuff, it wont work or update after april 14 so why bother
5) Burn to a DVD, insert after windows install and run  autopatcher.exe
IE: you use this disk on a CLEAN XP Install
7) Some Updated's Can NOT Be Seen In Auto Patcher, Until They Are Needed, So After Using The DVD and Rebooting, Use The DVD Again until it says ALL Updates Are Done... IE you wont see .NET updates until .NET is in, as like wise with media player 11 and internet explorer 8.0.. yes you update them...
IE some apps require your browsers "RunTime Files are up to date" whether you use the browser or not is irrelevant to what soem of your programs need.
(remember this is for stability.. we are NOT endorsing you keep using XP as an Online Computer)

Microsoft Security Essentials "Pattern Files"
(until July 14th 2015 to help you scan your XP Systems,  see links above)
For help updating MSE and Enabling After July, read here

XP Updates for the Government Will Continue Until 2019
(if you have a PosReady Windows XP you CAN Still Update)

I Will Update This Post As Time Passes, So Check Back...

Some OLD software you can always get from a website
(they also have ShareWare software, but you'll need your OWN serial numbers, they don't do piracy, they just host old software both free and retail, they do NOT provide serials or cracks)

You need to start making sure you have these programmes that you use, some people click RUN rather than Save As on websites, even if you save as, unless you burnt them programs to a disk or placed them on a back up drive, then your xp system is gona cost you serious cash and time trying to restore it back to how you used it and with the things you had on it.

Their will be a post soon about Activating Windows Off Line (which can be done by using the right windows XP for your computer) for many of you this will be going from XP PRO back down to XP Home, I am sure how ever your reasons of still using it, a pro version will be generally be irrelevant, and you Can legally activate home offline & download it from Microsoft tech net centres as an OEM disk image, I wont go to deep into it here as its about runtime and software in this post, but i am not helping with piracy, i only use legal methods.... and will cover activating the OS in a different post and then link to it here..
main concern is if Office needs activating that requires an online connection and i can assure you that "Office XP"  expires also on the 14th of april.  Google search for "Microsoft Office Life Cycle" 

AutoPatcher will Update Home, MCE and PRO, Corp, so ide not worry about that... just incase their was any concerns this updater would force activation, installing WAG Updates from it is the users choice, each update is optional. Note this doesn't support PosReady updates sadly.

Another good alternative would be "Norton Ghost" that can "Clone" an exact drive onto another drive, so everything is good to go, but that drive is only going to work in that specific PC (hardware drivers and blue screen, if plugged into a different machine and activation issues of software and OS) and don't be fooled buying 2 of the exact same pc's unless they where "Specifically Built To Your Specifications" not all that look the same have the same parts inside even with consecutive serials, internal stuff can still be same spec, different manufacture = different driver...

Xp Systems Make Ok Game Systems, Juke Boxes, Storage Machines, 4 HD's instead of CD/DVD Drives, and them systems will be going very cheep soon, those that can't take more than 1GB of ram will be redundant to many people, yet will be a god send to others...

Also check out iObitt Game Booster, can cut down on running processes that are no longer needed
(remember when windows98 and Millennium were NOT a network OS)

 So For Now... Happy Hunting... Check Bk For Edits... and new posts
this should be enough to get you up and running for now....

Please Don't Copy My Work Then Link To Me... Just Link To Me...

If your using Auto Patcher for windows update you may of noticed a bizarre and very vague message
saying....  Switch Your Apup to

To Fix This Click On "OPTIONS"

Change That Highlighted Web Address From .com  To  .net

And You Will Get Your List back



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