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Windows XP x86 Off line Installing Updates (Home-Pro-Corp-MCE)

With the death of Windows XP destined for the 8th of April 2014, it will no longer be supported by Microsoft.. which means it will no longer be safe to use online.
Remember windows XP is a Networking Operating System, which means it only has to be left on and the internet plugged in for a port scanner to attack it.

Even with the best firewall it just takes 2 connections to a server to expose your IP, stealth only works with 1 single connection. That said MalwareBytes 3 seams good for protecting XP in real time (if you get the paid version) I duno if the Pc Doctor thing is still going (but so many fake versions of apps called pc doctor, malwarebytes is easier to find)

Regardless of the Internet...MANY MILLIONS of us still use XP for other tasks such as video, audio, and art editing & creation.  IE many of us will still have an XP Machine. Ive got mates who use them with 4 IDE HD's inside as a mere jukebox with winamp.

However.. one would like that machine to be as stable, cost-effective and healthy as possible. Memory leaks = electricity waste regardless of that unneeded pressure on a PSU, the hard drives and the ram.      Instability wrecks work and hardware, can be dangerous!.

This expiry means if we ever have to wipe a machine after April 2014 or even loose a hard drive, then it would be risky trying to update it with at-least all the security & stability updates that have already been made for it.. The kids are gona nail XP as hard as they can now its wide open for abuse.

Chances are Microsoft will still allow the downloading of updates released before its life cycle lapsed (just like they do/did with Windows 95, 98 and Millennium) The thing is though, the time you will be on line for with XP while getting those updates WON'T be safe to do so. Also you realise Windows 95, 98 and Millennium now have major issues trying to Install the windows update & microsoft update ActiveX Certificate To The Root Store...   as it expired in October 2013.

So here i will help you to make your very own Windows XP x86 System fully (legally) up to date.
This is really easy to use and contains Everything Required that was Legally on Offer up to the 8th of April 2014 (inc the IE update file from the 30th they gave away)

Granted you could use that lads XP-SP4, but No way in hell my company will ever install that file on an End Users OEM Machine... or a Retail Installation... Your not legally entitled to install anything "made by ms" after the 8th of april 2014. It aint our rule or law, its just a fact.

Download our Legal Pack and extract it (extract with WinRAR or 7Zip)
 you can grab our Complete x86 XP Pack HereNOTE WE ARE ADDING MORE Odds SOON

You will get Six initial folders and Two text files. (we are trying to update it, but updates = 3rd party stuff, so this is Still the pack to legally go for, were just tying up the flash distribution paperwork to cover our selves to pad out the Optional folder more for you folks)

Once Unpacked

Read the ReadMe.txt and the Q & A.txt before use.

In Folder 01
CAPICOM-KB931906-v2102.exe (Runtime) Updates one version XP Comes with
js56nen.exe (JScript Runtime) Updates one version XP Comes with
WindowsXP-KB923789-x86-ENU.exe (flash 6 ocx file) Updates one version XP Comes with
 rootsupdOCT2013.exe (if you have newer SIGNED File) not beyond apr 2014 give us kb number

and  InstallALL.bat   This bat file saves you double clicking 1 by 1, If you wish you can "right click" on it and select Edit or select Open WITH and choose notepad to read the script, but this is essentially what it does...

for %%a in (*.exe) do (
start /wait %%a /q )

These updates are not the same as the usual windows Updates as they use a Winzip type self extractor, though they are official untouched files that are digitally signed on the properties. (due to the difference in package type the usual /Silent and /Norestart parameters don't work) and you have to use /q  If they were usual hotfix packages they would be inside Folder 03.
 Use the install all script file, or run the EXE Files one by one.

 In Folder 02
Folder two contains all the updates for the Internet explorer 6 that comes with windows XP-SP3. These cover Stability as well as Security, ber in mind some security flaws are memory leeks (they can cause hardware damage, be it delayed write hard drive failures to your ram going bad) So it is always advised to install updates. Also remember some software including windows depends on components within internet explorer, so even f you don't use it, It doesn't mean something else isn't.

 Folder 02 Contains 17 IE and IE Runtime Updates and 2 choices of Install Scripts

A)  0UpWBkUp.bat
This installs all the updates and allows the updates to create the back up folders in the win dir (works out the same way as Windows Update were you get those  $KB73622$ kinda folders and log files) for uninstalling.

This is how the script looks

ECHO  Running First Pass
echo   Installing IE 6 Updates for Windows XP SP3
for %%a in (*.exe) do (
start /wait %%a /quiet /norestart )

ECHO  Running Second Pass With Reboot
echo   Installing IE 6 Updates for Windows XP SP3
for %%a in (*.exe) do (
start /wait %%a /quiet /norestart)

ECHO Restarting System

%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 10 -f -c "Folder 02 Complete Restarting Your System"

You'll notice the script essentially runs Twice, the reason for this is because some updates are not needed until another update has been installed (IE, microsoft often create a new vulnerability whilst patching a previous one or even adds a feature with a new file that isn't available to patch until a previous fix has been installed) Don't worry about updates Downgrading when running a second pass because updates use  Qchain  This checks each DLL version number and bins the oldest and installs only the latest when you restart the machine. Double pass with this condensed pack is required.

B)  0UpNBkUp.bat (Place/Use the one from folder 04, drop it inside folder 2 ;)
This installs all the updates but implements the /nobackup parameter which prevents them all from creating them $backupinstallerfolders$ within the windows folder. Regardless we included a bat that cleans up for when your finished which we noet further down this post.

Both these scripts use the /quiet parameter rather than the /silent as it cuts down on graphics / memory use. Clearly /silent shows the installer, it hits next and agrees to the license then hits next, ticks don't reboot now due to the /norestart and then it hits finish (automatically of course) But visually shows it all and using resources to do so.. Time is life its self and quicker is better.

Feel free to change the /quiet   To   /silent    if you wish to see the hotfixes on screen in action, but it will slow things down.

 In Folder 03
The Windows updates, the critical, security and important updates. The advise for Folder 03 is "exactly the same advise as given above for Folder 02"   Though ide go grab a cupa as the script of choice takes a double pass on 131 updates. Not bad really considering that's a fair few years worth of updates narrowed down and superseded ones removed.

The only update not in this folder that microsoft considered "important" was the end of support update that notifies you XP is not supported as of april 2014 with the check box not to show again. We have however included that update (KB2934207) and it's located within the folder labelled "Optional\EndSupNote"

Also inside folder 3 is TWO reg files (need renaming for use)
File 01 activate_KB968389
File 02 deactivate_KB968389
This file its self that installs under the name of KB968389 is to help strengthen authentication credentials in specific scenarios, its important if your online or use a network that can be invaded via telnet. Although the update installs, the Service its self doesn't AutoStart. If your off line it doesn't matter at all and just skip to folder 4. If your on line then rename the activate_KB968389  to  activate_KB968389.REG and double click it and say yes to import (then reboot) and the service will be active.

 In Folder 04
These are the Optional Updates Inc the eXfat support update.

 In Folder 05
Complete DirectX Package
Internet Explorer 7 & Updates
Internet Explorer 8 & Updates
Windows Media Player 10 & Updates
Windows Media Player 11 & Updates
TweakUI for Windows XP
TweakUI for Windows XP Media Center 2005
MS.Net 1.0 SP3 Updates (Only For MCE)
MS.Net 1.1
MS.Net 1.1 SP1 and Update
MS.Net 3.5 & Updates (also supports 2.0 runtime)
MS.NET 4 & Updates
Windows Search 4.0
more to list....

Here we have.. speaking of cupa im off for a cupa..  To be Updated.... like your OS, pack is ready, POST is a work in progress, pack is goot to go.. lol

also...    Check out Our XP Resource Page HERE

Be Aware...
Although we understand their are users legally using Windows XP Embedded, we have yet to test this pack on an XP Embedded SP3 Instillation. But we are fully aware that some KB numbers had differing exe files for Embedded installs (especially WMP updates) so as of yet, we don't advise running this on Windows XP Embedded, until we get around to testing it. EVEN if it does in fact work.. This pack wont feature ANY Updates after 8th of April 2014.

We may update it when XP Embedded Support Ends...

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