Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Windows XP SP3 x86 Delta System

Looking back over XP's life from its first bootlegged VLK release with the FCKW serial to the XP Delta Files created to be able to Store 16 Versions of Windows XP within a mere 930mb
yip, thats right, 9.10GB of data stored within 930MB... Seriously Outstanding...

Not only that, but when you MD5 test the images against the MDSN official microsoft images, the MD5's match.

A guy essentially used a program xdelta3.0z.x86-32 to look at 1 Specific
Windows XP Source / Disc Image, namely this version

Windows XP Professional Retail Release

Then with a catalogued listing of all the files within & the configuration, he then scanned the following versions of windows XP


The concept essentially removed "any duplicate file" from each of them that was already available within the original Retail Professional ISO.

In turn reducing each of the 15 images down to anything between 130KB  to  54.3MB

These were saved as .DELTA files

So on your hard drive you could store essentially 16 versions of Windows XP x86 and the total size was 930 megabyte. Delta Files = 341mb in total & the Pro Image = 589mb

One Single ISO and 15 DELTA Files

To reconstitute this 930MB back into 9,10GB all you had to do was place the Original ISO along with the DELTA files and the App into the same folder as the BAT file and run it. It took mere seconds on a reasonable machine to spit out the 15 new images alongside the original oem pro.

16 ISO's from 15 Small Delta Files & One ISO with a lil exe & bat

How cool was that Idea...
 Sadly the Indepth post about this was deleted by the user who set it up as he was trolled by a moron who apparently had a job and a life so insisted on step by step instructions. Ironic really as the guy who made & posted this gear also did a step by step guide & provided links to the Deltas & a Donor ISO file. Kudos to "LateShift" for this amazing set.

You can also get this same concept for Xp 64 Bit {x64} and Windows 2000 releases.

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