Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Can't Comment On YouTube?

Can't Comment On YouTube?

looks like google has broke YouTube again...  :'(

Some of you may remember back when Google+ first tried to integrate its self into youtube and suddenly you couldn't comment on videos or reply to people

this was caused by a conflict of Privacy settings between YouTube and Google+

IE: activity on youtube was blocked by your google+ settings
now the solution "back then"  MAYBE NOT NOW

was to delete the google+ profile and revoke all access (which worked IN THE PAST)
But to be honest the way they have Manipulated the new "Video Comments System" were they DON'T go into your inbox, could seriously mess up your video views and your comments, could even end up loosing your whole youtube and the videos and subscribers

so im warning people... this time around.. just wait, be patient, give google time to fix it
doing that trick from last time could loose everything... ber in mind they implemented email log in only on youtube (user names no longer work)  i strongly advise against that old school deletion method!!
Anyone whos having to use the Google+ to comment,  be grateful you can even do that at the moment, because many can't...

Remember This Notice?
Most comment notifications will now be delivered by Google+ and not to your inbox.

Those that DON'T (can be replied to on YT) via your inbox link

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