Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Microsoft Security Essentials Windows XP Red Box Solution

Ok ive been asked this over and over again so i figured id share a little info on this
so your still using xp as PosReady but the MSE pop up is driving you mad?

So.. how about this...

1) you have installed and its Red and the pop up box is driving you mad
Solution, download the one thats on the MS site here OR from filehippo  here then right click the exe and extract it (7zip or winrar will let you do that)  then go into the   x86   folder  and  right click on the file called  epp.msi   and select extract to here,    now open the folder to microsoft security essentials (so its ready to access, normally C:\Program files\Microsoft security client)  now go back in the folder you extracted to, look for a file called    msseces.exe    and right click on it and select CUT   now right click on your task bar and select task manager.. end task on the process called    msseces.exe  then right click on the program files version of the folder & paste (replacing the file) and then re-open MSE from your start menu.
Notice when you go to the little drop down you still have the latest scan engine, malware engine and program version (so windows update WONT downgrade you)  ;)

2) you have the version thats green or red, but is older than
Solution, first (if your outdated MSE is still green ut an older scan engine) Make a copy of the file called  msseces.exe because you know that works :)   If its not green, follow the steps above to get access to a clean & green  msseces.exe
 then download Microsoft Security Essentials (if you google good enough you'll find it)
Once you have installed, do the end task and put the  older  msseces.exe in the folder (as descriptive in the 1st option above.  And again as above, check the about to see its the new version and scan engine.. yet green..

Last but not least.. the REF database AKA viral Pattern file update link is Here 

also note...
even with the red box, you are still protected if it says its "ON" and its "Up To Date" but i know the green monopoly house is more soothing

remove pop up from MSE

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