Thursday, 25 June 2015

Creating and Downloading Integrate Installation Media for Windows 8.1

Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1?
You may wish to create a Windows 8.1 Install DVD before hand in case you wish to go back to 8.1

It is FREE to do this and 100% Legal, all you need is the Microsoft Tool and Your Instillation Serial

To find out your actual Product Key, use a windows product key explorer (google it)
(you don't need to do that if its on a Sticker on your machine ;)

Next all you need to do is run the MS tool from their site Here and select your language, and your version of Windows 8.1 and run it. It will create the disk Image for you :)
You can download windows 8.1 x86 (32bit) or the x64 (64bit) in Home & Pro for free

It Will need a your serial number AND Activation on line (as it wont install your OEM files)

any problems with the Drop Down menus on their tool , such as unable to select language, version or architecture, be sure to End Task on any External hard disks, i use a 2TB passport drive and when its loaded the tool doesn't show the windows logo then the drop down (even when i choose create ISO rather than usb.. so any problems use the "safely remove hardware" and end task on external hard disks  ;)

The ISO can also be later put on a USB using the with the Windows 7 ISO to USB tool

Q: Can i use a windows 8.0 Serial
A: Yes, but it may not activate if your serial was for SL and you used CORE (install SL)

Q: When you install Windows 8.1 Professional it just shows up as Windows 8.1
A: Professional is a store/2nd serial update, to fix that issue.. Mount the Core image (core OR core SL, or Core N) with Windows Toolkit and use the Upgrade image option and upgrade it to pro, then unmount saving changes, that will now install as Professional  ;)

Q: windows setpup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware
A: Read this, its dead simple here

Q: What version of windows 8.1 is this?
A: Windows 8.1 Build Version Is 6.3.9600.17415

Q: Can i update this disk, like Integrate / Slipstream hotfixes to windows 8.1 source?
A: clearly yes, but that's going to vary on version and skill to how, See Here ;)

What about creating a Windows 7 Install DVD?
different concept, but its still possible, read the MS page Here

What about creating a Windows 10 Install DVD?
different concept, but its still possible, read the page Here

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