Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Windows 10 is Comming Have You Spotted It On Your Drive Yet?

As it nears the end of July Windows 10 sneaks into peoples computers & laptops and sits dormant on your hard disk..

not wondered where that 6+ Gigabyte of drive space vanished to?

Many of you will see (if you enable show hidden files & folders) a new director in your root drive called


on my system its located here


lot of people are asking how to delete this folder, personally ide leave it alone.. for now!

I am just Unpacking the  ESD file that is no doubt the install.wim inside
once that's unpacked i shall see if MS are Backing up my current Recovery OS to that ESD  OR ile find out if that ESD is in fact windows 10...

If it is windows 10 i will be curios to see if its an x64 version or whether they plan to rip me off with an x86 version..

IF it is a multi image inside the ESD (of my own OS) i guess i could make an ISO which in turn would give me a working installable version of    "Windows 8.1 with Bing"
which i have in my recovery partition (yeah i know bing is crap, but the OS is legal for this board!!!)

Outside (parallel to the Sources folder) is another folder called   NewOS
i assume that is where the Windows 10 ESD will download to and the sources folder
the Bing version of windows 8.1 is pretty rare (on a disk) and its 20+ GB with the OEM bloatware, lowest i got it seams to be also the exact size MS have taken it down to (but a backup would still require duel layer dvd)

Ive also noticed in the "Sources" folder were the ESD is, their is NO   boot.wim
one can only wonder how many people have burnt this to a DVD to find it wont boot up..
Will adding the boot.wim from the recovery partition to the sources folder before burning to dvd work?  i duno..  what i do know is you'd have to make a Bootlable ISO from the folder and have the bootwim.. still no guarantees.. but just dragging  the whole thing to a dvd and burning will not make it boot up a computer (as the disk wont be boot-able) 

I seam to also have a folder PRE MOUNTED here

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