Saturday, 26 October 2013

iPhone and iPad Bogus Update Notifications

iPhone and iPad bogus update notifications ?

I have seen a lot of people asking and no one answering, so here is the answer to the question

Q) The app store says there are updates and when i go onto it, it says all my apps are up to date?

A) If it says there are say 5 or 10, 15 updates and when you hit it there's none their its because your running an OLDER  iOS   IE.. there ARE updates for that amount of apps you have notifications for, BUT the updates require iOS 7 or above so when it opens it wont give you them or show you them  ;)

Note to apple (if your reading)  you should show the apps and upon trying to install it should say its for an older version and you can't

Q) why wont they do that ?

A) because it'll say its for a newer version.. BUT would you like to install a compatible version?...
then it'll proceed to download and install the exact version you already have...
sloppy code lolz

See i use garageBand and iOS 6.1.4, i don't get told their is an update, i just get a number over the app store icon, but if i go to the garageband "app store page"  the download button says update, then says i can't and installs the one i already have ROFL

App store error problem

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