Thursday, 13 August 2015

White Icon On Desktop of Windows 10 Wont Go Away Fix

After upgrading to windows 10 you may find a white icon on your desk top that wont go away, you delete it, refest the desktop and the icon comes back, and yet you cant get any information about the icon at all besides delete, copy and create short cut?

Chances are its an OLD icon for internet explorer (some people use a reg tweak or tweakUI or similar programme to place a real internet explorer launcher on the desktop)  If thats the case and you remember doing that, you can try using this regfile to remove the Icon

right click on desk top, select New Text paste this in, save as  fix.reg
(make sure its not    fix.reg.txt  (it has to be .reg)  right click select merge, right click on Desktop select refresh and the Horrid useless white icon will be gone...
(to do that click the word "format" in notepad and make sure wordwrap is not ticked)
Your FINAL reg file should contain  THREE lines  (not 4)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



also what about that Language bar you used to be able to click, tick don't show and its gone?
to remove the Language selector out the system tray, right click on the task bar, select properties, then under Notification area click Customise.. and the Language selection Bar / button  is now called " Input Local " turn that off and language bar be gone

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