Friday, 20 June 2014

People Trying To Make Multiple "Blog Posts" Upon Page Tabs, RATHER THAN Comments

People Trying To Make Multiple Blog Posts Upon Pages And Failing  lmfao

Ok i have been watching random tutorial videos (them annoying kids who type in notepad with real crappy music blasting away) and i came to the conclusion that every Tutorial on youtube for this was a total Pile of Sh**  so i decided to write one for my mate whos been trying to do this for a number of years.. and after looking for videos to "send him"  i thought jeeezz screw this lmao

You Need MORE Than ONE BLOG!!!  (FACT!!)
don't argue, just deal with it lol

You Create as many blogs (AS YOU NEED PAGES AKA THREADS)
(and Keep the blog names pretty much the same, add a 1 and a 2 at the end of their names)

Create your FIRST Main Blog and get the Template, the Colour Scheme JUST THE WAY "YOU" Want It..
Make sure the Layout, down the sides, the adsense, all that stuff is ALL set up and Sorted...

Save your Blogger  "Template"  oo yes... now where cooking with code lolz

Create Your OTHER blogs (that WILL serve as Pages/Forum threads)
and Import your Template Upon each of the other blogs....

Look at this Image, note i access that BOX from the   "Layout Tab"   NOT the   "Pages Tab"

Access this screen on your MAIN blog..
Use the ADD Link and rather than you adding a Page, Your Adding A Blog (a Thread)

You With This?  lmfao,  can you even believe this capability Is Their?

Now each TAB/PAGE  on your Blogger can be an actual Blog/Forum/Threads....

Tutorial by  TheWraith517..

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